DeGrazia Spanish Guitar Band

Saturday, Mar 10, 2018 @ 7:30 PM

The Beer & Wine Garden will be open before and during this show! Come early to enjoy a local craft beer or glass of wine.

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Regular Ticket Price $20.00 $15.00

Known and loved by the Tucson community, Domingo DeGrazia is an Arizona native and the youngest son of famed Tucson artist Ted DeGrazia.  Among his many talents, Domingo has become a recognized guitarist and song writer known for blending Spanish, Latin and Flamenco styles.  Appearing on film and television, his music has reached across the globe and inspired music for “Dancing with the Stars”.  DeGrazia was born and raised among the music and landscape of the Sonoran desert.  Performing throughout the U.S., DeGrazia’s music embodies the experience of the Southwest and weaves a delicate tapestry through sound.  Domingo plays lead guitar, blending Spanish guitar passion with the flair of Flamenco music.  His music couples dynamic rhythms with vibrant Latin, Salsa and rock drum beats. 

A superb compliment to DeGrazia, violinist Beth Daunis brings exotic and soulful violin to the mix.  Beth has been playing the violin for 25 years and trained under the tutelage of renowned soloist and chamber musician Diane Pascal. 

Bassist Mark Brugler toured internationally as a musician and was Assistant Director for Continental Singers and Orchestra’s Canadian tour. 

Guitarist Rick Skowron has spent his life in Tucson and has made music a part of it.  Growing up with the guitar, he involved himself in various music styles ranging from school jazz band to a world touring metal band. 

Also featuring the amazing Kai Felix on drums!

This will be the band’s third show at the Sea Of Glass and they always pack the house, so get your tickets in advance!