The Sea of Glass — Center for the Arts

A Center for Global Change through Higher Consciousness

330 East 7th St. Tucson, AZ

Calendar of Events

Live Music • Lectures • Yoga • Indie Films • Workshops

Great events are happening almost every weekend at The Sea of Glass. We have great talent in live performances, excellent quality films, extensive and informative workshops, hands-on educational classes, and much more! Come check us out, we look forward to seeing you!

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About Us

A Center for Global Change through Higher Consciousness

About the Sea of Glass Music Venue

About Us

The Sea of Glass - Center for the Arts is an atmosphere of beauty and higher consciousness. The venue has been carefully designed to capture the spectrum of subtleties and fullness of sound and light that bring the most intimate and satisfying of experiences to the audience, while allowing the performers and artists to have close contact and higher relations with that same audience. We wanted the inside to be sacred and pure while enhancing the thrill of seeing an excellent artist perform a great show. Part of our intention as a venue is to provide a safe, friendly, and drug-and-alcohol-free environment for the whole family. The Sea of Glass welcomes all to come and experience this paradigm shift for performance venues as we pioneer a new vision for bringing true talent to the world. We invite you to come enjoy a variety of entertaining activities with us, from workshops, events, classes, yoga, and lessons in self-defense to indie and classic films, and live performance arts and music!

Mission Statement

As an outreach for Global Change Media, the Sea of Glass provides instruction and opportunity for the artistic talents and expression of people in the discovery of their own unique identities, free of social and peer pressures to conform, and to reach one's maximum potential, using intelligent creativity, in becoming empowered global citizens. The Sea of Glass - Center for the Arts provides the outlet for just such creativity to be expressed and appreciated by Tucson residents and visitors from around the world who choose to experience a drug- and alcohol-free venue suited for anyone without discrimination. A meeting place for the purpose of presenting higher art through higher consciousness and a new paradigm prototype for future venues.

  • The mission of any great art is to, by its illusions, foreshadow a higher universe reality.

    -The Urantia Book

  • Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.

    -Khalil Gibran

  • In music the timing is everything, controlled hesitation is the art, don't let the notes control you.

    -Gabriel of Urantia

  • Tomorrow's music industry has the potential to be the most spiritually powerful influence in the world.

    -Gabriel of Urantia

  • Music doesn't lie, if there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.

    -Jimi Hendrix


Workshops • Classes • Revelation

The Sea of Glass regularly has classes and workshops available to the public. For anyone interested in adding to their skill sets, be it for personal interest and hobbies, or vocational and employment advancing, our upcoming class lists are worth checking out. From personal health and fitness to classes in photography and Photoshop, craft arts, songwriting, and much more, there are lots of great options you don't want to miss out on! Follow the links below to browse our workshops and classes. For the more serious spiritual seekers, we also offer courses in Epochal Revelation.

Class and Workshop Listings


Rent the Venue • Host an Event • Service Packages
Perform • Rent the Studio

Tucson's Premier Event and Rental Venue

We want to offer you the best atmosphere we can for your particular rental needs at The Sea of Glass, and we have designed our venue acoustically and aesthetically to provide the greatest sound and lighting options. Currently we have two spaces available: The Performance Hall, and The CosmoArt Studio. For ease and convenience we have online forms available to apply for rentals and service packages.

Performance Hall

What events are best for the Performance Hall?

  • • Live Music
  • • Yoga
  • • Films
  • • Presentations
  • • Workshops
  • • Conferences & Meetings
  • • Brand & Product Launches
  • • Private Parties
  • • Dances
  • • Ceremonies

What comes with a Performance Hall Rental?

  • • 1,220 square feet of usable floor space
  • • 175 seated, 280 standing, or a mix
  • • Tables : one each of 4', 6', and 8'
  • • Microphone and PA System
  • • Projector and Screen
  • • Audio Playback
  • • DVD Playback

CosmoArt Studio

The Sea of Glass is also home to a gorgeous and elegant space suited perfectly for intimate social gatherings. The CosmoArt Studio is a place for sacred occasions calling for a place of taste, class, and beauty. Our studio is an ideal environment for receptions, meetings, workshops, book signings, displaying art portfolios or collected works, and other like events which need a more refined atmostphere of quality. Below are some events that are best suited for the CosmoArt Studio:

  • • Corporate & Business Meetings
  • • Book Signings
  • • Receptions
  • • Art Gallery Displays & Exhibitions
  • • Small Conventions
  • • Private Dinner Parties
  • • 440 square feet of usable floor space

Service Packages and Offers at The Sea of Glass:

We are proud to present ourselves as Tuscon's premier rental venue, and we invite and encourage our fellow artists and event planners to get in touch. To apply to utilize our facility for your personal purposes we have put our respective form applications online for ease and convenience:

Rentals, Event Hosting, and Performing

Sacred Treasures

Fine Art • Eclectic Clothing • Jewelry

Sacred Treasures store



Currently closed for rennovations

Phone: 520.624.4418

Email: click here to email us

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Who We Are

Located in the same building as The Sea of Glass, Sacred Treasures is home to a vast collection and variety of artistic pieces from hand-made earrings, necklaces and bracelets to eclectic and rare-find clothing, to carved wooden sculptures and well-crafted ornamental art of the earth. We've gathered some of the finest in collectable art pieces and accessories to add that sacred depth and warmth that accentuates the character and feel of the cosmic and earthly side of each of us. From the style of our clothing, to our rooms and homes, Sacred Treasures is guaranteed to have something special for anyone seeking ways to express a good sense of taste; the perfect place to find that meaningful gift that your loved ones will treasure forever.

Website Coming Soon!


Connect with The Sea of Glass

330 East 7th St. Tucson, AZ


Booking for live performances and venue rental inquiries, intructional workshops and classes: Mycenay Plyler
• 520-307-5192
Director of public relations and marketing: Amadon DellErba
• 520.398.2542
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