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Our Mission:

The Mission of The Sea Of Glass Youth At-Risk Arts Initiative is to assist at-risk youth in the greater southern Arizona region by providing financial support for vocational training and scholarships at The Sea Of Glass — Center for the Arts in Tucson.

About Our Program:

With more than one in four teens in Arizona dropping out before they finish high school there is plainly a need to help these young people get on track toward becoming balanced and productive members of society.

Engagement with the creative arts, whether as a student, a performer, or as an audience member, provides a clear avenue for young people at-risk to step forward on their own and make significant changes in their lives.

The Sea Of Glass — Center for the Arts

performers at the sea of glassThe Sea Of Glass — Center for the Arts is a family-friendly venue where all ages are welcome, and provides the ideal setting to experience and participate in a wide range of educational artistic activities, including the healing, creative, and culinary arts.


Your donation will support The Sea Of Glass in its efforts to:

Life Skills
  • Rehabilitate Tucson area youth through the arts

    Art rehabilitationThe Sea Of Glass — Center for the Arts serves as a creative outlet for our Artists in Training Program which provides emerging performing artists, sound and lighting engineers, playwrights, graphic and fine artists, dance choreographers, photographers, actors and actresses, and aspiring film makers real life experience in order to launch their artistic careers.

  • Expose Tucson area youth to the arts

    Through our performance pass scholarship program we provide cultural opportunities for young people who would otherwise not have the opportunity to do so.




Reaching out to our Tucson area partners

We reach out to our area partners including the Boys and Girls club and the Mexicayotl Academy in Tucson, offering performance passes and scholarships to classes held at The Sea Of Glass — Center for the Arts. With your assistance, we hope to significantly expand this program and to include other area youth organizations as well.

Visit their websites here:

Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage

Host to our sister program, the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program.

Healing our troubled youth, an investment in the future,
and an essential part of our mission:

Avalon Organic Gardens and EcoVillage is home to the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program. This program endeavors to rehabilitate troubled teens and young adults through a full immersion residency program of counseling, training in agriculture and animal husbandry, spiritual encouragement, and self-mastery through service to others. The program includes basic education and job training as needed for the completion of a high school equivalency certificate, as well as valuable skills to enter and compete in the job market.

The vocational component of the program includes apprenticeship training on all aspects of organic farming from seed-saving to marketing. Additionally instruction in the construction trades, auto mechanics, heavy equipment operation, and general farm operations are offered.

The educational component of the program is rounded out through the fine arts, music, drama, and computer technology.

We have been delighted to discover much artistic and musical talent among our pool of program participants and are gratified to offer these young people opportunities to develop their talents and to share them with others.

In addition to participating in all that Avalon Gardens has to offer, participants also have opportunities to participate in the Artists in Training Program at The Sea Of Glass — Center for the Arts in Tucson, which provides emerging performing artists, sound and lighting engineers, playwrights, dance choreographers, and graphic and fine artists real life experience in order to launch their artistic careers.

Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program Details:

Applicants must complete admissions procedures and demonstrate a high motivation and a spirit of cooperation. Once accepted, our dedicated staff then works as a team to construct a tailor-made program for each participant, taking into account their specific life history, educational and vocational abilities and deficiencies, specific negative behavioral patterns, and their unique interests, aptitudes and potential. The staff includes a clinical psychologist (who provides a thorough initial and on-going psycho-social assessment), counselors, vocational supervisors, and experienced educators with years of work in public and private schools.

Each participant is assigned a full day of service activities and classes. By sharing their time and talents unselfishly, participants begin a path to a virtuous life, and in so doing gain a personal sense of goodness and self-worth. We believe this enhanced self-esteem and desire to work cooperatively provides the best defense against falling back into destructive behavioral patterns and accordingly, the best chance to lead a successful life once graduating from the program. Other identifiable results include vocational grounding in agriculture and the building trades, a discontinuance of drug, alcohol, and tobacco use, and a high likelihood of earning the equivalent of a high school diploma.

The program began informally on a small scale 10 years ago as a natural outgrowth of other GCCA sponsored youth programs and represents our best efforts to offer a viable alternative to young people at-risk, particularly for those who do not naturally fit into traditional mainstream academic settings.

Participants have been referred from a wide variety of sources, including the Yavapai County Attorney's Office, who recognized the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program as a Treatment Assessment Screening Center (TASC) equivalent. The program is financially supported and staffed by the members of Global Community Communications Alliance and does not discriminate on the basis of religion, gender, race, color, or national or ethnic origin in any of its admission or administrative policies.


"I thank God for His mercy, compassion, and divine intervention, leading me to this place and program. The PIRP healing ministries saved my life because they literally healed my mind, body, and spirit (soul). I am a hopeless alcoholic when left to myself, in a state of mind of false attachments, addiction, and despair. The PIRP program solved these issues and taught me new ways of thinking that focused on spiritual trust and faith of God our Father. I now have hope and am learning how to ‘Walk in Faith’ with Him. I learn new things every day here. I am more actualized and prospering in new spiritual ways, focusing on serving others — an orientation of service rather than self-assertion; doing what God wants, not what I want."


Alten Hotz

Visit their and

About our Fiscal Sponsor

The Sea Of Glass — Center for the Arts, Global Change Media, Avalon Organic Gardens and EcoVillage, and The Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program, are all financially supported and sustained by their fiscal sponsor, Global Community Communications Alliance (GCCA), a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, EIN number 74-2553156. GCCA was founded in Arizona on January 1st, 1989 and currently has a full, part time, and volunteer staff totaling approximately one-hundred persons.

A Persistent Advocate of the Arts...

For the past 20 years Global Community Communications Alliance has been a persistent advocate of the arts. With an emphasis on providing performance opportunities for highly accomplished, yet often unrecognized artistic talent through various venues around Arizona.

Help Youth with Theater

• Future Studios in Sedona, AZ, an all ages, non-alcohol venue featuring live music, live theater, films, and lecturers from around the world. Administered and operated 2001 through 2009.

Tucson Arts Rehabilitation

• Tubac Main Stage in Tubac, AZ, offering live performances from all genres. Administered and operated 2009 through the present.

Support Struggling Youth through the Arts

• Sea Of Glass — Center for the Arts. Administered and operated 2013 through the present.

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Why We Need Your Help

We have the facility, the staff, the teachers, and the experience, but alas not the funding to fully absorb the cost of providing scholarships to our classes or admission to our performances. It is indeed heart breaking to have to turn away otherwise worthy and talented students who would benefit immeasurably from developing their gifts through our classes, or to broaden themselves through exposure to the arts, but for lack of funding! We need more finances to procure better touring bands, provide scholarships for the disenfranchised, and to pay qualified instructors. Your assistance will mean much more than your financial contribution, we will count you as a supporting partner in making a lasting positive change in the lives of those we serve, and in the successful long-term viability of this important new arts resource to the greater Tucson area community.

Thank you for your time & consideration

We would graciously receive any amount of funding you are able to provide to us.

Please Contact ShaRu White, Development Coordinator @ (520) 403-6271 for more information, and scroll down to learn more about our supporting founders and key staff of volunteers:

Meet Our Team

The founders of Global Community Communications Alliance have spent a life-time in compassionate service to young people in need and bring a wealth of experience and personal insight to their work of building a more just and sustainable society.

Anthony J. Delevin, a.k.a. Gabriel of Urantia/TaliasVan, Founder, Board President - Served 26 years - Prior to founding Global Community Communications Alliance, Gabriel worked with Nicky Cruz Homes, Centrum of Hollywood, and Youth with a Mission. Later he became a volunteer chaplain in the Pima County Sheriff's pre-trial release program, and founded and ran his own half-way house in Tucson, Arizona. Gabriel feels a personal calling to reach out to the down-trodden and discouraged. His sincere belief in the unique potential of each person often provides a catalyst to awaken a transforming process in others. Gabriel of Urantia is also an author and musician.

Niánn Emerson Chase, Co-Founder, Board Secretary/Treasurer - Served 26 years - Niánn grew up on four different Native American reservations in the Southwest and, after earning her teaching degree, returned to the San Carlos Apache Reservation where she lived and taught for fifteen years. Since her early childhood, with an explorer's nature inherent in her ancestors Meriwether Lewis and Ralph Waldo Emerson, Niánn has displayed a thirst for knowledge and the character of one who truly loves discovery and the adventure of life. Niánn's background in education, teaching, and counseling is instrumental in overseeing all areas of the organization.

Catherine J. Lilly, a.k.a. Centria, Executive Director, Sea Of Glass — Center for the Arts - Served 23 years - And prior served as Executive Director of International and Local Adoptions in Hawaii, as a Guardian Ad Litem advocating the rights of children removed from their homes due to neglect and abuse, and as a counselor to teen parents.

Marayeh Cunningham, PhD., Executive Director Soulistic Hospice - Served 23 years - Executive Director of Soulistic Hospice, a non-profit affiliate of Global Community Communications Alliance, is a Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years experience in health care management. She provides initial and on-going psycho-social assessments of all Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program participants.

Tiyiendea DellErba, Served 20 years - Record producer and manager with extensive experience in the Austin Texas Music arena.

Tarenta Baldeschi, Master Gardener and Farm Manager Avalon Organic Gardens and EcoVillage - Served 24 years - Expert in agriculture, experienced stone mason, versed in techniques of self-sufficient living, and Native American spirituality and history.

Amadon DellErba, COO - Chief Creative Officer - Global Change Media - Provides ongoing training as well as consultation in vocational training in media and has been working in media for 10 years, also has experience in recording studio management and production.

ShaRu White - Development Coordinator - Youth At-Risk Arts Initiative - Originally from San Francisco, ShaRu spent the early years of his career on Wall Street before becoming inspired to volunteer his efforts in support of youth programs and arts. ShaRu is also an accomplished flute, sax, and bag pipe performer and instructor.

Other key staff:

Dr. LenMana Lee - Ed.D, Curriculum and Instructional Design - Coordinates the educational component of the Personality Integration Rehabilitation program. With over thirty-five years as an educator, Dr. Lee brings a wealth of experience in the areas of visual and language arts, social science, cultural and research studies, and juvenile literature.

Fane Fitzpatrick - 27 years TV Producer/Director - Worked in national TV series on The Learning Channel (TLC) and PBS. Fane is also a professional still photographer, and provides ongoing training and consultation in vocational training in media.

Ardendae Gasser - MBA, University of Alabama - BS in Journalism, University of Colorado

Graphics department manager, administrative coordinator, and photographer with Global Change Media. Extensive experience in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and In-Design; provides ongoing training and consultation in graphics and marketing vocation skills.

Kazarian Giannangelo - Theater director and actor, originally from Friday Harbor, Washington, acting and directing since high school.

Willowela Wilson - From England, fine arts painter/instructor (art displayed in Sacred Treasures in Tucson, Arizona, and The Out of the Way Galleria in Tubac, Arizona), as well as professional singer, choir director, and vocal instructor.

Ausmaminae Wonson - From Australia, fine arts painter/instructor (art displayed in Sacred Treasures in Tucson, Arizona, and The Out of the Way Galleria in Tubac, Arizona), singer.

Auneea Jalin - from New Zealand, fine arts painter/instructor (art displayed in Sacred Treasures in Tucson, Arizona, and The Out of the Way Galleria in Tubac, Arizona).

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