Venue Technical Specifications

Note: legal capacity is 5 sq. ft. per person standing; 7 sq. ft. per person seated.

Venue Dimensions

  • Main Event Hall Dimensions
    • 37' x 52'
    • 1,500 sq. feet
    • 1,220 square feet of usable floor space.
    • Capacity = 280 standing, 200 seated

    • Stage dimensions:
      • 23' 2" wide (at widest point) x 15' 2" deep
      • 280 sq. ft.

  • CosmoArt Studio Dimensions
    • 22' x 20'
    • 440 square foot space.

  • Courtyard
    • Approx. 615 sq. ft.

  • Upper Patio
    • Approx. 435 sq. ft.

Sound Equipment

    • Soundcraft Si IMPACT 32 Channel digital mixer. Multi-track record ready.
    • JBL SRX 3 way mains and 18" subs, 4 JBL SRX monitors and crown amps
    • Shure SM58 vocal mics
    • Beta58 and 87 vocal microphones can be brought upon request
    • Shure and Sennheiser wireless mic systems including hand-held, lapel, and low-profile headset
    • Sennheiser e 604 tom mics, Avontone and Shure SM81 condensers, Shure Beta 52A and AKG D112 kick drum mics, Shure Beta 56A and SM57 drum and instrument mics.
    • Countryman and Radial direct boxes
    • Piano is a Hyundai Spinit

Video Equipment

    • Full HD projector with 5400 Lumens and a 15' screen (diagonal measurement)

Ready to Take the Next Step?

We are proud to present ourselves as Tuscon's premier rental venue, and we invite and encourage our fellow artists and event planners to get in touch. To apply to utilize our facility for your personal purposes we have put our respective form applications online for ease and convenience: