Tucson's Premiere Event Rental Venue

Venue Technical Specifications

What are the dimensions & capacity of the Main Event Hall?

37' x 52'

1,500 sq. feet

1,220 square feet of usable floor space.

Capacity = 280 standing, 200 seated

What are the dimensions of the Stage?

23' 2" wide (at widest point) x 15' 2" deep

280 sq. ft.

What are the dimensions of the CosmoArt Studio?

22' x 20'

440 square foot space.

What are the dimensions of the Courtyard?

Approx. 615 sq. ft.

What are the dimensions of the Upper Patio?

Approx. 435 sq. ft.

Sound Equipment

    • Soundcraft Si IMPACT 32 Channel digital mixer. Multi-track record ready.
    • JBL SRX 3 way mains and 18" subs, 4 JBL SRX monitors and crown amps
    • Shure SM58 vocal mics
    • Beta58 and 87 vocal microphones can be brought upon request
    • Shure and Sennheiser wireless mic systems including hand-held, lapel, and low-profile headset
    • Sennheiser e 604 tom mics, Avontone and Shure SM81 condensers, Shure Beta 52A and AKG D112 kick drum mics, Shure Beta 56A and SM57 drum and instrument mics.
    • Countryman and Radial direct boxes
    • Piano is a Hyundai Spinet

Video Equipment

    • Projector & Screen